Combo Plate Choice 1-3

Pine Hill, FL

You can either prepare fried or fresh, healthy spring rolls depending on what you like for they are both very easy to make, and they taste and look good when spread for a party. Spring rolls are good for your health, and it is wise for you to at the very least to try some. The fried and the fresh spring rolls are both prepared in a somewhat similar conditions.

• Step One
Start by soaking a rice paper in hot water until it gets pliable and then lay it on a dry surface and get rid of excess water. Then take your shredded carrots, shrimp or any other ingredients that you prefer to use bases on whether you want to be cooked or fresh, healthy spring rolls and place them on the bottom center of the wrapper.

• Step Two
After you have placed all the ingredients that you require, properly fold the rice paper wrapper around them and start rolling it into a very firm cylinder like roll. When you have rolled half the paper, stop and tuck in the sides of the paper and continue rolling till you have a firm cylinder.

Repeat the same process till all the healthy spring rolls are done and make sure that you cover them with a slightly wet cloth to keep them from drying. You can then slice them into halves and serve them with dip sauce.

The healthy spring rolls can be served for friends when you are throwing a party, and they are rich in unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and vitamins depending on the ingredients you used. Other than the nutrients and health benefits that they offer, the spring rolls also look and taste delicious. Taste and food presentation is what most people look for that is why fast foods are consumed by many —for their sweet tastes.